GetMobi simplifies and reduces risks of smartphone financing
Lender gets loyalty while avoiding losses & negativity caused by control measures
Borrower gets flexibility and access to financing even without credit history
Both get direct & instant communication without third-parties, phone calls, legal risks and discomfort
GetMobi goal – to help 1+ billion people get their new phone loan and pay off their debt successfully, creating good credit history
and improve their financial literacy via positive reinforcement
Fast device lock & as well as immediate unlock to avoid customer annoyance
device unlocks 30 sec to 3 minutes after debt was paid-off
All popular Android phones supported
from basic to high-end popular brands and models*
iOS – expected in 2025
Emergency calls and critical functions stay untouched
all the SOS functions will work regardless of payment status, but entertainment ones– won’t
*currently supported brands: Samsung & Nokia
users treat debt repayment in GetMobi as a game which helps them grow their money skills
Tips & tricks to improve financial literacy and grow borrowers’ income
search for a job (part-time work), find and select suitable job vacancies, as well as discussing opportunities with similar representatives of the audience
stay in touch with the creditor (leasing company) and take timely care of their finances to avoid overdue debts
get financial advice, seek anonymous emotional support during challenging financial periods, learn popular known solutions
When using a financed phone with GetMobi, clients can:
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