Loyalty, not obligation
Providing loans to buy a phone? Establish control & collection means that people will love to stick with.
Supports clients’
payment discipline
Delivers value-added & engaging social content
Controls device: from gentle alerts to immediate phone lock
GetMobi turns mandatory payment routine into a game or personal growth story for your customers
Reduce non-performing loans and improve recovery rates by engaging your customers in what they like, while turning debt payments into a new impressive part of their mobile life
Step 1
the client applied for an installment plan or phone lease
Step 2
GetMobi installation
Payment success
Keep using phone as usual
Payment fail
Phone Lock
How It Works
immediate on-demand unlock after payment done
Their phone. Their own game. Their own personal financial life. Just a few rules from your side.
Introduce non-invasive payment discipline for your borrowers: we’ve developed everything it for you.
Use GetMobi to lease or finance their phones, set collection pace and rules – and GetMobi will take care of the rest. They will love our content, while be able to make your payments on time.
Financial tips, tricks and money keeper
Native and easy-to-use tools designed to help your borrower keep their finance predictable
Note: we do not share users’ data and their financial condition unless their direct permit is issued
Freelance jobs search & board
Users can find jobs, one-time paid tasks and discuss earning opportunities so they can better pay their debts
AI-powered payment default prevention
User-centric AI bot which provides borrowers with advice and support
coming soon
coming soon
GetMobi is more efficient and reliable than IMEI locking or classic debt collection
Recovery rate: customers who get back on track with their payments
x2 times more than with classic debt collection including call-center reach and mailing
Cost saving on debt collection
automate your debt collection while reducing costs on call-center, robotization (IVR etc) and debt collection staff
Approval rate increase
with non-performing loans (NPL) risks reduced you can expand your business by issuing more loans thus generating more profits for your financing business
Gentle yet efficient alerts
Easy onboarding and enrollment
Create effective payment alerts via push-notifications that won’t be ignored
<1 minutes to get the newly financed phone to be ready for handover to your customer
Gentle device lock
Disable customers’ phones the way they will remain motivated to pay off debt
Convenient control UI, with great features
Easy-to-use admin panel lets you communicate with borrowers in time-efficient yet highly customizable way
Worldwide support
To learn more about GetMobi and schedule a demo
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